Pressure Washing

Power Washing is an often forgotten component to building maintenance. Aside from aesthetics, power washing can remove growth and moss from your buildings and improve the overall health of the building.


For the novice, wood can be tricky. Too much pressure and the wood is destroyed, not enough and the bacteria grows back. We will strip the deck of previous stain, mildew and that gray UV damaged layer to expose raw wood underneath, then apply finished layer of stain to get your deck looking brand new.


Concrete is quick and easy! Give us the grimiest concrete you have: driveways, sidewalks, brick, siding, etc. we will make it look 20 years younger. Even the most neglected concrete can look brand new again.


Vinyl siding and painted structures are fragile. Pressure can create cracks in siding which then turns to mildew and mold growing within - an even bigger problem. Bleach can cause paint to wear thin and strip the outer layer, leaving your paint pale and whitewashed or completely stripped.


East West Building Works will make quick work of your dirty roof. Get the moss and black algae and mold off your roof, it will look brand new in a day! Gutter cleaning is included with all roof cleanings.